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My name is Juliette - and I'm the face behind Juliette  Films. I studied documentary film and anthropology in the rural hills of Vermont at Marlboro College. I’m a cinematographer and filmmaker because I want to share the beauty that I see everywhere. Films capture emotions and feelings that can be shared with other people and can actually create and harness communities and bring people together.

My work is people-centered and emotion-driven. The idea is to work with awesome people to connect with other awesome people. Video is an immediate way to convey who you are, what your product is, and why people should work with you - and thus is a uniquely positioned medium for businesses to communicate who they are.

I also strongly believe in educating the next generation and diversifying the network to include filmmakers from all walks of life.  I enjoy volunteering as the Maine State Chair for Women in Film and Video New England and as a member of the social committee for the Maine Film Association.


As an artist and filmmaker I have so many creative projects I'm working on. I surf the frigid waters of Maine in the winter and document the stories of this community I'm a part of through Greet the Ocean. I also do art and underwater photography as A Vicious Joy.

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