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Corporate Videos

I'm the video department your marketing team needs

Serving the Boston and New England area

I help your marketing team with:

Pre-production Getting me involved early in the process allows me to exercise my extensive skill and knowledge in story development and the ideation process of how to best use video for your needs 

Production I provide high quality gear, talent, location scouting and bringing together the team to make the video possible

Editing and Post Making the most effective, concise, and eye catching video for your ideal audience 

corporate video shoot
“I have worked with Juliette on a number of projects...and she time the quality of her work and professionalism has been outstanding.”

Leora Tec, Founder, Bridge to Poland

Explainer Video

If you have a product or service that is a bit more complex to explain, video is an excellent format to quickly and succinctly communicate with your audience. These can be used as ads, for fundraising, or at annual meetings and events.

Starting at $3,000


If you're recruiting, or want to demonstrate your product/service as top-notch, testimonials are the way to do it. Nothing helps potential employees or future clients get a sense of your company and if they want to work with you than testimonials. 

Starting at $3,500