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I don't often get the opportunity to create the work I want, the way I want. Most of what I create now is about selling or promoting. But I was originally drawn to film because of it's ways to communicate a feeling. 


One of the amazing clients I get to work with, PlantPop, produces films about people and their relationships to plants.  I've worked with them for a few years, but this is my favorite film I've made for them so far.


Meet Guenola Lefeuvre.

Guenola Lefeuvre is a potter living in Maine who uses the textures from the plants in her garden to create intricate, multilayered worlds of pattern on her porcelain pieces. She draws inspiration from her love of touching and noticing all the details of the plants around her.

 I hope you can melt into this film and enjoy the feeling of summer.

Watch the full film here

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