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I'm the video department for your marketing team

As a business owner, I’m always trying to understand who my clients are and what needs they have so I can better serve them.

As a filmmaker, I overlook one of my most basic skills: storytelling. Being a visual storyteller, it comes as second nature how to create a driving, emotionally engaging narrative. So I can often overlook it.

When I was recently talking with some past clients about their pain points and what they need help with - it’s less the technical component of filmmaking (which is also definitely useful!) but it’s my ability to be creative and formulate narratives and convey ideas visually that make an impact.

Especially for my corporate clients with a marketing team, I’m the essential link for them to launch a successful video campaign - whether it’s internal employee targeted videos, or ads and promo videos for brand awareness.

Click here to further read about my offerings and how I can help your business grow through the powerful use of video and storytelling.

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