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Working with the local Maine Community

This past weekend I was invited back by the founders of Two Maine Mermaids - a women's cold plunge group - to film their international women's day cold plunge at Willard Beach just down the street from my house in South Portland.

The energy was truly electric and almost made me cry with the joy of so many people coming together! I've been cold plunging for a few years now, and while I find it incredibly invigorating and a way to get to know my body on a whole new level, I certainly recognize and understand it's not for everyone!

For me, cold plunging necessitates slowing down. I slow down my breathing, I check into my body signs - not the just the stinging cold sensation, but deeper, into my core. Whenever I get out, I think "oh that wasn't so bad! I could have probably stayed longer!" and is such a testament to the mental limitations we put on ourselves. But truly knowing your body is the key - the very real signs of hypothermia, for example, vs the immediate shock of cold on the skin that makes you want to run! The challenge is tuning it, finding your limits, and examining how the mind works in reaction to stress or challenge.

This project was also wonderful because it gets me involved in projects in my community I wouldn't necessarily know about. Film has always done that - bringing me on projects exploring chocolate all over the world, seeing an extensive ex-pat community in Belize, among other projects I've gotten to be a part of in my career. But giving back the local community, at an affordable price point, has always been a part of my mission. I'm a certified FAA drone pilot, fully insured, and could love to talk to you if you are looking for some drone video or photography coverage. Feel free to reach out if you have an upcoming project you'd like to use drone for!

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