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Winter in Maine can be difficult, but I actually relish this time to slow down and reassess. I use this time to look back on my business and see what worked, what didn't, and where I want to go in the future. Last year I booked 4 international trips! I went:

Freediving in Hawaii

coast of hawaii

Underwater Dancing in Mexico

underwater dance

Hiking in the French Alps

And surfing in Spain

And those were the trips just for FUN.

I spent two weeks on a remote island in Maine as part of an amazing team creating a feature film about horses.

I was in Trinidad to film a documentary about freediving as a way to help local youth with

mental health.

I was in Florida doing internal videos for a corporate client. That was a bit too much, I learned. So this year I'm focusing on staying local and engaging more in my local community (which I love being a part of!). I'm also using this time to re-invest in my business by taking a marketing class with Desha Peacock. She was actually my very first "client" when I was still in college, studying documentary film, and she hired me to produce her local TV show. We've kept in touch, and we followed each other's work, and I'm so excited to get to expand in this way through working with her.

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